• Dr. Bethany Klug

Question of the Month - How do you express love and care in your life?

Having the ability to express love and care to yourself and others not only makes us feel good, it has been shown to have health benefits as well. Researchers have found that communicating our positive feelings for others through words or actions can lower stress hormones, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and strengthen our immune system. The benefits happen when affection is expressed, not merely felt.

You don't have to be in a relationship to express love. Affection can be expressed in many ways, all of which are good for you. You can say “I love you” (to yourself or others), write a letter, send a text to say “I’m thinking about you,” give a hug, express gratitude, or even do a favor that shows you care – such as finishing that chore your partner hates, or volunteering to help others.

These benefits of affection also apply to the person receiving it. You can even get a health boost from expressing affection even if the receiver doesn’t reciprocate. Please share with us how you express love and care in your life.

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