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Question of the Month - How are you getting back into exercise?

The triple digit heat indexes put a damper of exercise, especially for those of us who prefer get moving outdoors. Now that the extreme heat has (mostly) ended, how are you getting back into exercise? Tell us in the comment section of this post.

Here’s how the staff at HealthSpan is getting back into exercising:

Medical Assistant Cindy: “I’m walking more now. I’ve also added crunches and push-ups on an exercise ball. I did 150 crunches the other day and got really sore. Dr. Klug says I need to temper my enthusiasm and start slow.”

Health Coach Christy:” I’ve been so busy with my new vegan cheeze business, BareFood n’ Happy, that exercise went by the wayside. So now I’m getting back on track with (mostly) daily exercises. YouTube is my best exercise buddy! I go from power yoga/pilates, to HIIT (high intensity interval training) to walking/jogging 3 miles with my dog. Of course not all in one day!! With YouTube, I can find the exercise I want to do that day and pick the length I have time for. Some days all I can fit in is a 10 minute workout – but that’s better than nothing and I feel good knowing at least I did something!”

Dr. Klug: “I’m back on my bicycle and it feels great! I’m doing my best to allow time to bike for local errands. I love that the only carbon I use is the amount to produce the bike and feed me. I’m also finally feeling mostly recovered from an auto accident that really set me back physically. I’ve now set a goal to do an overnight backpacking hike next year at one on my favorite places, Glacier National Park. So I’m walking on my Nordic Track with a weighted back pack for 13 minutes before I ride to work. It’s making my core muscles and legs much stronger.”

Ana: “I haven't gotten back to exercising.”

And if you haven’t gotten back to exercising we hope this question of the month encourages you. If you haven’t exercised in a while and are “out of shape”, you may want to seek some help to get started and to avoid injury. Dr. Klug recommends Modern Physical Therapy for those living north and Core Strategies Physical Therapy for those living within the I-435 loop. For those living east, we’d love to hear who you recommend. PT does not require a physician referral in Kansas. Dr. Klug also recommends doing a private Pilates session or two to check your core muscle function, so essential to avoiding injury.

What other therapies or techniques do you like to keep free from injury? Let us know in the comment section.

There’s hardly anything that exercise does not improve—sleep, mood, energy, brain function, blood pressure, bone strength, blood sugar control. The list goes on and on. So take advantage of the break in the heat and get moving!


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