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Christy Lonergan is HealthSpan's certified holistic health coach who helps people to improve their health, one bite at a time.  It wasn't log ago that Christy came into our office with severe symptoms of Meniere's, an autoimmune disease.  Upon seeing her, we urged her to change her diet and in less than a month, Christy's disease symptoms were almost gone.  In less than a year, she was able to get rid of her hearing aid because her hearing had IMPROVED 40%!


Christy likes to say that food really is medicine and as with all medicine there are side effects.  The beneficial side effects Christy experienced were:


  • She accidentally lost 20 lbs without trying

  • Her skin cleared up

  • Severe sugar cravings were gone

  • Digestive issues went away

  • Chronie insomnia gone

  • Seasonal allergies disappeared

  • Asthma that used to send her to the emergency room vanished

  • And people tell her she looks younger!








Services Offered




After struggling herself to make dietary and lifestyle changes, Christy developed these programs to make your journey to health easier:



14-DAY REAL FOOD RESET.  This self-guided program was designed for those who feel like they are starting over and relearning what it means to eat healthy.  It starts with the basics and has you take small, daily action items over the 14 days that gently lead you toward healthy eating.  Want to take longer than 14-days?  Great!  Do this at your own pace and even get 30 minutes on the phone with Christy to get even more customized help with your unique situation.  This program comes with lots of easy and delicious recipes!



11-DAY CLEAN EATING PROGRAM.   Christy facilitates the short, seasonal programs that help you learn healthy eating in just 11-days. This program is designed to help you figure out which foods are fueling you and which are inflaming you by following this elimination diet.  Over the short 11-days, you'll get lots of easy recipes and tips to help you through the program.  You also get a 30 minute phone call with Christy that you can use anytime during the program (get a jump start by getting help at the beginning, or during the middle if you need help staying on track, or at the end and have her help you develop the next phase of your health journey).



PRIVATE HEALTH SUPPORT.  Christy works with individuals by phone that need help making health and lifestyle changes.  She listens to your challenges and helps formulate solutions for your unique situation.  Christy has lots of recipes, ideas, and loving support to help you succeed on your health journey.  Christy loves to help people and her private coaching phone sessions are just $75 an hour.





Christy Lonergan

I am so excited that you found Dr. Klug and her health team.  I cannot tell you how grateful I am to her.  When I saw her In 2011 when I was so sick, she suggested I change my diet and I was devistated.  No more of my favorite foods?!?  I went kicking and screaming and didn't even believe that food could improve my situation.

However, I made the commitment to myself and boy am I glad I did.  In no time at all I started feeling better and was living my life again!  I would never have believed that food could have such an impact on my health and well-being!  


I am now an ex-sugar addict and former autoimmune disease sufferer who is passionate to help others on their wellness journey.  I remember what it was like to go through that transformation, and I have lots of ideas, recipes and loving support to help you through it, too.


My transformation had me wanting to become a health coach so I could help others on their journey.  I received my education from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, which has equipped me with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, and preventive health.  I supports clients as a holistic well-being guide – Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally, and Physically – through the consideration of how their relationship with food, and other areas of their lives impact their well-being.  My passion is to help you establish your own uniquely optimum holistic life path/plan. 


Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have!  My cell is 816-560-2191.



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