Right Movement


Movement has been part of human day-to-day life. Hunting and gathering came before agriculture, working in fields, building roads, hauling water, and laundering clothes came before modern plumbing and the engine. Until the mid-twentieth century, dancing was part of religious and community celebrations. No one needed to exercise. Nowadays, our lives are sedentary and we must set aside time to move. The right kind of movement runs your genetic program in the direction of health and it feels good. We bring in experts to help you find the right movement for you.



Right Food

Food is the foundation of health. It is the original medicine. For most of human history, we have eaten wild or organically grown foods, freshly picked or killed and in season. The consequence of this is that the nutrients in foods run our genetic program. The right foods run it in the direction of health. The wrong ones run it in the direction of disease. The key to optimum health is to eat and live in a way that fits your genetic make-up. Our approach can get your metabolism back on track and help you find a delicious way of eating that runs your genetic program in the direction of health!


Simply Energizing Breakfasts

What we know as breakfast began in 1880 with the advent of the processed cereal industry. It's the worst way to start your day.  The right breakfast will help you enjoy good energy, sharp mind and even mood throughout your day. Includes food preparation demonstration, recipes and tastings.

Right Mind State


In homeopathy and shamanic medicine, it is said that all disease begins with a negative emotion. Healings through prayer, transformation of difficult emotions and surrendering to the natural order of life are well-known. 


At HealthSpan, we advocate the practice of mindfulness to transform emotional blocks to heal and to harmonize with the natural order of life. Mindfulness is the capacity we all share to be aware of what is going on in and around us in the present moment in order to realize our inherent loving and compassionate nature. Dr. Klug has practiced mindfulness since 1993 and taught it since 1996. It’s been key to her own and many people’s healing journey. 

Right Sleep




Proper sleep is essential to restoring health and preventing disease. Animals deprived of sleep lose all immune function and die in a matter of weeks. Many of the major restorative functions in the body like muscle growth, tissue repair, protein synthesis, and growth hormone release occur mostly, or in some cases only, during sleep. Sleep is vital for mental and physical performance. Yet many people don’t sleep well. Pharmaceutical sleep-aids don’t promote restorative sleep and side effects, such as amnesia, are concerning.


There are ways to promote rejuvenating sleep that can be easily adopted or learned. We share these with you in our Right Sleep classes.



Our Be Well Center Programs are organized by the four aspects of lifestyle key to

a long healthspan--how long we live with vibrant health!

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