14-Day Real Food Reset

  • Are you ready to improve the quality of your diet but don't know where to start?


  • Are you the type of person that does best with small, gradual changes?


  • Do you feel uncomfortable in the kitchen and hesitant to take on new recipes?


  • Are you ready to learn how to take your health into your own hands?



Then I'm so glad you're here!

Hi!  It's HealthSpan's Health Coach Christy here.  Dr. Klug and I have worked together to bring you this amazing step-by-step program to help you reset the way you look at food.  


As you go through this program, you'll receive daily action items to follow.  We don't want you to read all 14-days at once.  The idea is to take this program one day at a time.  









For each of the 2 weeks, you will receive an e-book along with suggested meals, recipes, grocery shopping list and more.  


WEEK 1:  Back to the Basics: This week we are going to go over the basics . . . what are the kitchen tools you need for healthy eating and what should your pantry look like.  We’ll also talk about the importance of proper hydration!   We have put together some healthy recipes for you to try as well as videos to help you make your transition a smooth one. 


WEEK 2:   Food Focus:  You are what you eat.  Food is meant to nourish and serve us, not deplete and deteriorate us.  It's all about putting in the right fuel for the body.


Going Gluten Free

Healthy On-The-Go

Vegetable Cooking Methods

Beat Savvy Marketing - Label Reading Basics

Produce Storage Chart



You'll have access to videos created just for this program to help you get back to the basics in the kitchen.  You'll learn the basic tools to stock your kitchen with, simple cooking recipes, how to select the best avocados, how to make your own almond milk, healthy snacks, and more!



For breakfast, lunch and diner over the 14 days, you'll receive suggested meals to make, the recipes and shopping list already made out for you!  Extra bonus recipes are included, even desserts and snacks (57 recipes in all) so feel free to change out the recipes to your liking.  It's totally customizable!


PLUS:  You get a 30 minute phone consultation with HealthSpan's Health Coach Christy where you can ask questions and get more personalized help.



This entire program is offered to you in electronic format that you can print, organize, and keep forever.


Due to the nature of digital programs, there are no refunds after purchase.  

If you have any questions, please email Christy or call her at 816-560-2191.

Get the entire 14-day program for only $57!

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Christy directly by email.

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